Became aware of the unusual effects of global warming.

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A further increase in average annual temperatures will lead to the predominant disappearance of larger animal species and a decrease in the size of the surviving fauna.

This is reported by environmentalists in his article published in the journal Oecologia.

Experts emphasize that large birds and animals tolerate the cold better than small creatures. The warming happening on the planet will make life second noticeably simpler, but will complicate it first.

Environmentalists argue that the processes associated with warming, will lead to an increase in temperature, sea level rise, a negative impact on the lives of animals and plants, accustomed to certain environmental conditions.

Many animals will become a kind of "climate refugees", and will be forced to move north or to the mountains, where the climate is cooler.

Other representatives of flora and fauna who cannot “escape” from global warming and cannot adapt to new conditions of existence, will disappear from the face of the Earth or survive only in specialized nurseries.

Climate change and human activity can destroy more than three hundred species of mammals and birds. This can happen in the coming centuries.

Experts emphasize that the warming process that has begun has already destroyed several hundred species of invertebrate creatures, as well as several species of mammals.

At the same time, poachers also play a role in the extinction of animals. Illegal shooting of rare animals, predatory fishing can destroy many of their species.

Scientists say that the small changes that have occurred in average annual temperatures have had a strong impact on all living things on the planet.

The upcoming annual climate change is causing increasing concern among scientists.

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