Belarus has the slowest 4G in Europe

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Analytical company OpenSignal analyzed the speed of the mobile Internet in 4G networks in all countries of the world for January-March 2019. Belarus was in last place among all European countries with the lowest speed of 4G.

According to the resource dev.by, only South Korea can boast of high-speed mobile Internet. There, the speed of 4G reaches 52.4 MB / sec.

At the same time, the average speed of 4G in the world is only 17 Mb / s.

As for Belarus, the 4G speed in our country is the lowest among all European countries – 7.7 MB / s. The same figures for Panama and the Dominican Republic.

It should be noted that the speed of the mobile Internet in Russia and Ukraine is slightly higher – at the level of 11-12 Mb / s.

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