Boeing will pay $ 100 million to families of those killed in plane crashes from 737 Max

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The American aircraft company Boeing announced the amount of payment to the families of those killed in two accidents with aircraft model 737 MAX.

Information about this was posted on the company's website on July 3. In a published message states that the funds allocated will go to cover unforeseen expenses and expenses for education and accommodation.

The company plans to work closely with local authorities and other non-profit organizations, gradually channeling funds over several years.

The company's deputy head, Dennis Melenberg, in his address stressed that Boeing expresses its deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who were on board and died.

The company hopes that those passengers who step aboard Boeing aircraft will be able to trust the company.

For its part, Boeing will make every effort to regain the trust and confidence of customers.

Recall that at present in several countries around the world, the operation of the Boeing 737 MAX has been completely suspended.

The reason for the failure was the detected problems with the angle of attack sensors, which, presumably, became the cause of the plane crash that occurred in Ethiopia and then in Indonesia.

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