"Cameras with motion sensors worked." The girl "cheated" on a guy with a dog

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The guy went to work on a business trip, leaving his girlfriend and dog at home. Late at night, he received a notification with a camera installed in the apartment.

At first it seemed to the young man that thieves had entered the apartment, and then it seemed that the girl was cheating on him with some guy.

However, it turned out that the girl was just dancing with the dog, having come home after a night shift.

When everything turned out, the man breathed a sigh of relief. After reviewing the frames with tenderness, he decided to share them on social networks.

Now Nina is a celebrity! The video has collected over 6 million views.

出 張 に 行 っ て い た ホ セ さ ん は 犬 の ニ ー ナ が 心 配 で
ガ ー ル フ レ ン ド に 世 話 を 頼 ん で い た。

出 張先 で 夜 寝 て い た ホ セ さ ん は 「家 に 誰 か が 侵入 し た」 と
携 帯 電話 に 警告 を 受 け 慌 て て セ キ ュ リ テ ィ カ メ ラ に ロ グ イ ン す る と
ニ ー ナ と 夜勤 か ら 帰 っ た ガ ー ル フ レ ン ド が キ ッ チ ン で 踊 っ て い る 映像 だ っ た。 pic.twitter.com/Uym4QJUt8x

– tasha (@phootahh) August 4, 2019

Photo: frame from video

Video: Twitter

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