Cancer has become a leading cause of death in rich countries

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Most people in the world still die as a result of cardiovascular disease.

However, the results of a large-scale study published in the journal Lancet, according to the BBC, suggest the opposite.

According to the published information, cancer was the leading cause of death in developed high-income countries.

This disease kills patients more than two times more often.

Experts, having studied data on hospitalization and mortality of more than 162 thousand patients from 21 countries, whose ages range from 35 to 70 years, concluded that diseases of the cardiovascular system remain the leading cause of death in middle and low income countries.

From these diseases, just over 40% of people in such countries die.

At the same time, in high-income countries, according to scientists who have been researching for 12 years, only about 20% of the population die from heart problems, while cancer deaths of more than 50% are recorded.

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