Dinner with Buffett for 4.5 million dollars: the name of the auction winner became known

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The winner of the auction on eBay for the right to dine with the investor Warren Buffett was the owner of the torrent tracker BitTorrent and the founder of the cryptocurrency TRON Justin Sun.

This was informed by the Russian media, with reference to the message of Justin San on Twitter.

San on his page on the social network wrote that he invites the leaders of the blockchain industry "to meet with the titan of investment."

For his part, the investor also announced a meeting with Sun and his friends. Sun also noted that he sees the upcoming meeting with Buffett as an opportunity to achieve mutual understanding and growth.

At the same time, San indicates that Buffett is investing in business, which may be the subject of a dialogue.

Recall that the annual auction for the right to dine with the investor Warren Buffett has been held since 2000.

The current auction has set a record – 4.57 million dollars. The money will be sent to charity.

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