Doctors confused pregnancy with cancer and prescribed chemotherapy. Woman lost twins

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Turkish doctors treated a pregnant woman for cancer: they confused the fetus with a malignant tumor.

Due to the negligence of doctors, 35-year-old Serpil Bugs suffered. In 2018, a woman underwent surgery to remove a tumor on one of the ovaries. A few months later, a woman had a hormone that is responsible for pregnancy.

However, this same hormone is produced in large quantities with the rapid development of oncology.

The doctors concluded that the woman had a second tumor and was prescribed chemotherapy. During the examination, two tumors 12 and 19 centimeters long were found in the ovaries of the woman.

Doctors have already thought to perform the operation, as suddenly the patient had a miscarriage. It turned out that the woman was pregnant with twins. Because of chemotherapy, the embryos did not survive. The woman and her husband intend to prove the negligence of doctors.

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