Doctors have determined how vitamin B4 acts on the fetal brain during the flu of a pregnant woman

Doctors have determined how vitamin B4 acts on the fetal
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Researchers at the University of Colorado conducted a series of clinical observations and found out that pregnant women simply need to take vitamin B4, especially if the expectant mother got sick with the flu.

As a rule, doctors explain, this infectious disease can lead to changes in the brain activity of the unborn child. Chances are that the infant will develop attention deficit disorder and develop schizophrenia.

Studies have shown that if a woman starts taking vitamin B4 complex with the flu, her future baby’s risk for the development of brain pathologies will decrease to nothing.

However, practical observations show that almost 75% of pregnant women neglect vitamin therapy or take it fragmentary and in incorrect dosage.

Doctors explained that vitamin B4 supports the health of the nervous system, forms a protective myelin sheath and synthesizes acetylcholine, which is responsible for the conduction of nerve impulses.

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