Doctors removed a huge stone from the patient's bladder, which prevented her from living

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In Chicago (USA), doctors removed a grapefruit-sized stone from the patient's bladder.

56-year-old American asked for help to the doctor with complaints of abdominal pain. She also had difficulty urinating.

Reports about it Daily Mail. For six months she had to struggle with pain. Doctors prescribed only antibiotics, which did not help.

CT scan showed that there is a huge stone in the bladder of a woman that prevents her from living normally. The size of the stone is 11 by 11 by 10.4 centimeters.

According to doctors, stones of this size are quite rare. It was decided to carry out the operation in order to remove it.

On the third day of their stay in the hospital, the woman was discharged. Her health after surgery improved significantly.

Photo: Oxford Medical Case Reports

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