Doctors took a brain tumor for stress before exams

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British Sophie Wardle complained to doctors of severe headaches and seizures, but the doctors claimed that she was nervous before the exams. Only 4 years later, doctors diagnosed a British brain tumor.

The girl said that since 2014, her health had deteriorated: her muscles were contracting, she was tormented by panic attacks, and her head ached.

Doctors could not make a diagnosis and recommended a smaller girl to be nervous. After years of diagnosis, it turned out that an orange-sized tumor had formed in the girl's head.

Sophie sent for trepanning of the skull, during the operation, doctors managed to remove the tumor. After some time, the Briton suffered another operation.

During her illness, she learned to be a nurse and gave birth to five children. Now she has some problems with speech and mobility, but in general she considers herself healthy.

Photo: Pixabay

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