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Electronic eSIM cards appeared in Belarus. How do they work

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Belarus launched electronic eSIM cards, which will replace the standard SIM.

An eSIM card is a chip that contains all the necessary data to connect to a mobile network.

This card is virtual, you do not need to insert it into the slot. However, it has all the functions that a regular one has.

A distinctive feature of the virtual card is that it allows the subscriber to connect 5 numbers to one telephone at once.

In order to connect a digital SIM card, you need to make sure that your mobile phone supports this function.

Then you need to come to the office of the telecom operator and inform that you want to activate such a service. An eSIM connection requires physical caller ID.

It is worth noting that only one provider in Belarus is currently ready to serve eSIM cards – this is A1 (Velcom).

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