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Fast carbohydrates. Products table

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We will tell you about all types of carbohydrates, as well as warn against the most dangerous ones.

    Carbohydrates are important for our body. They give the main energy to a person, the desire to work, play sports. But are they all that useful?
    Carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex. Today we will talk about simple ones, otherwise they are called “fast”. Let’s also make fast carbohydrate foods table.

    So, fast carbohydrates include:

    • Fructose – found in fruits and sweeter than sucrose and glucose.
    • Sucrose – Found in sugar beets and sugar cane.
    • Glucose – prevails in fruits, berries, honey, boiled potatoes, grapes.

    Fast carbs in blueberries

    Glycemic index

    The glycemic index (GI) of a food indicates changes in blood sugar levels. The higher the GI, the faster the glucose level rises and the body stores this excess in fat. To prevent this from happening, you need to try to avoid sharp surges in sugar.

    High GI foods (70 to 100):

    • Saturation quickly
    • Easy to digest
    • Hunger comes fast

    Medium (40 to 70) and low GI (10 to 40) foods:

    • Take a long time to digest
    • Give a feeling of satiety
    • Are not stored in fat reserves

    Fast carbohydrate foods do not take a lot of time and energy to break down, leading to skyrocketing blood sugar, hunger, and weight gain.

    A sharp jump in blood sugar provokes weakness, which we mistake for hunger, which in turn provokes to eat something harmful.

    While at the stage of losing weight, it is important to correctly compose the menu for the day and exclude foods with fast carbohydrates from your diet.

    However, if you are unable to remove simple carbohydrates, try to eat these foods in the morning, for example, for breakfast. At this time of day, the body will be able to absorb them much better than in the evening. Do not forget to also look at the table.

    Flour products with fast carbohydrates

    List of fast carbohydrates

    • Sugar
    • Milk chocolate
    • Pastries (bread, sweet pastries, pizza, dumplings, etc.)
    • Carbonated drinks, juices
    • Soft Wheat Pasta
    • Preserves, jams
    • White rice
    • Ice cream
    • Sweet fruits (banana, grapes)
    • Fast food, chips, croutons

    All the “bad” carbohydrates from this list put a heavy load on the pancreas, contribute to the development of diabetes and interfere with weight loss.

    Fast Carbs Food Table + GI

    Fast carbohydrates food table
    Fast carbohydrates Glycemic index
    Grapefruit 20
    An Apple thirty
    Coconut flour 35
    Whole grain crisps 45
    Persimmon 50
    Bananas 65
    Boiled potatoes 65
    Canned corn 65
    Melon 65
    Ice cream 70
    White sugar 70
    Milk chocolate 70
    Soft Wheat Pasta 70
    Muesli 80
    Mashed potatoes 80
    Cornflakes 85
    White bread 85
    Wheat flour 90
    Rice noodles 95
    French fries 95
    Cakes, pastries one hundred
    Dates 146

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