10 easy self care tips that will make you more beautiful

10 easy self care tips that will make you more
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In order to remain young and beautiful, it is not necessary to do expensive procedures at the beautician or to buy new items from well-known cosmetic brands.

Enough to make good habits and enjoy the result.

Tip number 1 – for the eyes

Instead of the sensational patches for the eyes, you can use the usual tuber raw potatoes. To do this, cut the vegetable into slices and put on the area around the eyes. The swelling will go away, and the look will be clear and rested.

Tip number 2 – for the face

For the role of a moisturizing mask suitable ordinary kefir. You need to mix two tablespoons of a fermented milk drink and add egg white to it. Apply on face and leave to dry completely. Rinse with cold water only. This procedure will make the face clean, moisturized and hide redness.

Board number 3 – for the body

Prepare a home scrub: take the used coffee grounds (otherwise the coffee turns yellow) and combine it with regular shower gel. For a moisturizing effect, you can mix with coconut oil or any other. After a week of constant use, an obvious effect will be noticeable.

1r - 10 easy self care tips that will make you more beautiful

Tip number 4 – for hair color

For owners of bright hair there is an excellent recipe: rinse the hair with broth of pharmaceutical chamomile. This will help lighten the curls and neutralize yellowness.

Tip number 5 – for hair volume

Another clue about hair: to curls were more voluminous at the roots, rinse them with cold water and not squeeze to the end. It is better to dry by tilting the head down, then even without special styling means you can achieve the styling effect.

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Tip number 6 – to reduce sweating

From intense sweating will help mint. Taking a bath with an infusion of this herb will significantly reduce the activity of the sweat glands.

Tip number 7 – from corns on the legs

Lovers beautiful shoes dedicated. When you put on a new pair of shoes, 99% of you will have blisters. They are very painful and interfere with wearing even “comfortable” shoes. Pre-worth lubricate the skin of the foot with petroleum jelly, it will reduce friction. Also in pharmacies you can find "liquid plaster", it can be carried in a purse for emergency assistance.

Tip number 8 – from swelling of the legs

For beautiful and healthy legs, spend the morning and before going to bed lazy gymnastics. Knock back legs straightened at the knees so that they are above head level. Then lie down for 10-15 minutes. So you stimulate venous outflow from the limbs and prevent swelling, stagnation, the appearance of vascular pattern and varicose veins.

2r - 10 easy self care tips that will make you more beautiful

Tip number 9 – water

In order to accustom yourself to start the morning with water, make a habit in the evening to put a full glass in the bathroom, next to a toothbrush. Drink immediately after morning hygiene. This is a great start to the morning, because the clean water you drink will help start metabolic processes and thereby strengthen the body. The skin becomes clean, oily shine and acne disappear. Important! Water should not be cold and the more icy!

Tip number 10 – Universal

Fish oil is a universal care product. It can be applied both inside and outside. For example, use as a remedy for split ends. You need to lubricate the tips systematically 30 minutes before washing your head. If you take 1 capsule of this product every day inside for a month, you can significantly improve the condition of the skin and nails, as well as get rid of wrinkles.

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Be young and beautiful!

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