10 "innocuous" habits that are actually much more harmful than they seem

10 quotinnocuousquot habits that are actually much more harmful than
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Habits, which many consider to be sweet or harmless, can actually be harmful. Think of the bacteria on the nails that you gnaw. Or about the purity of everyday clothes in which you went to sleep at night, forgetting to change into your pajamas.

Sleep in clothes

In clothes that you wear during the day, you should not go to bed. It is often made from materials other than those used to make pajamas, which means that it can restrain movement during sleep. Everyday things also make it hard to get a good night’s rest because they make people wake up often.

Teeth cleaning

You have been told all your life that you are properly brushing your teeth at least twice a day. The problem is that you can do it too intensely. Many people believe that a very strong pressure on the gums and teeth contributes to their greater cleansing, but in fact this only leads to gums bleeding. And still too zealous brushing can damage tooth enamel.

Trying to do too much at once

Sometimes it seems to us that we can fully do several things at the same time. This is true, but not for everyone. Before attempting to talk on the phone at the same time, prepare and keep an infant, make sure that it is real and completely safe.

Total control

We often seek to manage things that are not under our control, but did you know that it is harmful to health? You cannot force someone to do what he does not want to do, so do not give it too much importance.

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Spend your time on pleasant lessons for you and try to change only what you are really capable of. When you worry about too many things at the same time, it begins to affect your physical and mental health. Try to find an activity that helps you relax. It can be reading, meditating or picking up puzzles.


Many people put things off, although they recognize their importance. It seems to them that the work assignment can be completed a day before the appointed time, or that they can do all the housework on weekends. If you continue to postpone everything for later, then in the end you will accumulate a huge number of cases that you have to do at the same time, which will certainly cause stress.


Even if everything in your life is in the best possible way, the constant demonstration of negativism towards others can provoke a bad mood, forcing people to avoid you. Try to stand straight, do not slouch, and avoid looking at others defiant look. Soon you will begin to feel better and become more pleasant to talk to a person.


Pain medication is recommended to be taken when it is really necessary, but the abuse of such drugs can lead to other health problems. They damage the liver, reduce concentration, increase the reaction time and cause memory deterioration. Before use, be sure to read the annotation to the anesthetic and stop taking it as soon as you feel relief.

1c 0 - 10 "innocuous" habits that are actually much more harmful than they seem


Most people think that smoothies are one of the most useful products. In the end, it's just fruit, right? And here you are wrong. Most store-bought smoothies contain an excess of sugar, and even freshly made cocktails often contain ingredients such as ice cream and sweet frozen yogurt.

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If you want your smoothie to be truly healthy, make it your own from a small amount of fruit, sugar-free juice and low-fat Greek yogurt.

High heels

High heels can seem very sexy and completely harmless, but in fact they are the main cause of leg pain in women. In severe cases, they even lead to foot deformities and injuries, so wear them with extreme caution and as little as possible!


The benefits of massage are well studied and repeatedly proven, but this does not mean that it should become a daily practice. People's bodies react to massage as if it were a normal workout, and if you do it too often, it will do more harm than good.

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