Experts named 5 heart-improving products

Experts named 5 heart improving products
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Specialists in the framework of the new study made a list of 5 key products that can significantly improve the work of the heart.

Academics have compiled a list of vegetables that must be included in the daily diet for the health of the body.

First, this product is broccoli. The fact is that it contains sulforapane, which does not allow atherosclerotic plaques to appear.

Secondly, ordinary cabbage can also improve the condition of the heart, since it contains a large amount of beta-carotene and vitamin C.

Thirdly, academics advise adding garlic to many dishes, which relieves the tension of the walls of blood vessels.

Fourth, apples should be included in the diet.

Avocado will be just as useful: it normalizes cholesterol metabolism.

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