Experts named the 10 most powerful anti-aging strategies

Experts named the 10 most powerful anti aging strategies
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Experts told about the 10 most powerful strategies that can help slow the aging process.

Such substances as retinoids function at the DNA level, they increase the production of collagen and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, while accelerating the renewal of surface cells.

This component is in ointments, gels, means for oral administration.

Also, do not forget about sunscreen, which should always be on the shelf and with a good shelf life: the older the person, the better you need to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays.

Secondly, it is necessary to devote time to high-intensity interval training, because they also slow down aging, as well as increase the length of the telomere.

Experts advise more to be in the fresh air: daily walks or easy jogging.

Pay attention to your strengths: if apart from a cup of coffee, you cannot lift anything more, then immediately rush to the gym to increase muscle mass to normal.

Another interesting fact is that according to one of the studies involving 129 women, those young ladies who had sex with their regular partner for seven days had a significantly longer telomere and more telomerase.

We must not forget about a good dream, so researchers once again remind you: if you want to delay the inevitable, then you need to get enough sleep.

A good way is meditation. It is believed that people who practice it, delay the aging process for 25 years.

Start loving yourself and treat people around you with kindness, however, this is very important.

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And finally, the diet, which they love to discuss so much, however, this moment was almost ignored, because a person should eat what he likes and observe the regime – this is the whole guarantee of youth.

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