In China, began to train the first cloned police dog

In China began to train the first cloned police dog
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In China, began training in the first cloned police dog.

According to the information of the newspaper China Daily, a puppy, now only 2 months old, cloned from a seven-year-old dog Huahuanma, which has served in the police station of Puer for several years.

This dog is recognized as one of the best sleeper dogs. For her service, she helped solve a dozen murders.

According to the study, the DNA of an adult dog and its clone is 99.9% identical.

Tests have shown that a puppy born has a good scent, quick adaptation in an unfamiliar environment and a strong attachment to people.

The cloned dog will be trained for 4-5 years. Today, the cloning of police dogs is at an experimental stage.

Scientists suggest that in the next 10 years, technology will allow to clone police dogs with good performance without any problems.

Photo: China Daily

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