Woman after 50: how to dress and look elegant

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For some reason, many women believe that after 50 years they should no longer wear attractive and sexy clothes. Of course, no one wants to look vulgar, but you can find the line between vulgarity and matchless chic.

If you are already far beyond 25, you need to learn how to correctly combine elements of the dress, creating elegant and sophisticated images. It's easy to do. The main thing is to take into account your own taste and certain rules, which you will now learn.

Luxury and grace

1. It is very important to learn how to choose the right shades of clothing. To understand what colors you like more, you need to try on more than one dozen different outfits.

But by the age of forty, probably, every woman has already decided on what shades she has to face. If you still do not understand, visit a good stylist who will help you determine the best options for clothes.

2. Young girls can afford to wear cheap things, because youth itself is beautiful. But older women should not choose poor quality clothes. Pick up outfits made of noble fabrics.

Ladies of balzakovskogo age are very models of natural fabrics: velvet, silk, thick cotton. In such clothes you will look very elegant, the image will be refined and expensive.

1e - Woman after 50: how to dress and look elegant

3. Refuse bright cosmetics. A woman with a war paint on her face looks at least funny. In order not to be in an uncomfortable position, take enough time to apply makeup.

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Makeup should be natural and neat. Be sure to use a good foundation and powder to hide age-related skin changes.

4. Pick up clothes that emphasize the dignity of your figure. If you are overweight, do not wear tight-fitting outfits. But shapeless overalls have no place in the wardrobe of an elegant and sophisticated woman.

Full ladies are suitable in a measure-fitting dresses and blouses made of thick fabrics. Thin women can wear anything they want. Just do not choose very short skirts and dresses, such clothes only emphasize age.

5. Buying new clothes, do not even look in the direction of models with abundant decor. All sorts of ruffles, frills and flounces can spoil the image of a noble woman, turning her into a young lady.

Better pay attention to the models of smooth fabrics with a minimum of jewelry. Speaking of jewelry. It is better not to use them at all, than to use cheap jewelry. But expensive jewelry will make any image more sophisticated and elegant.

2e - Woman after 50: how to dress and look elegant

6. Do not neglect reliable skin and hair care products. Use high-quality anti-aging cosmetics. Choose a beautiful hairstyle that emphasizes the beauty of your face. Do not forget to tint gray hair.

Hair color should be as close to natural. Agree, a woman of fifty years old with purple or pink hair is not only ridiculous, but also silly.

7. Smooth movements and easy walking are signs of a true woman. To keep your walk beautiful, wear comfortable shoes. Graceful low heel shoes are a great choice. And of course, it must be remembered that shoes should be combined with outfit in color and style.

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Now, having useful information, you can always look elegant and attractive. Following these rules, you will feel confident in any situation, knowing that you are beautiful and charming.

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