In 2020, a transparent TV will appear on sale

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Panasonic plans to release a transparent TV with a dual OLED panel.

At the CES international exhibition in early 2020, everyone will see this new product.

By the way, Swiss Vitra took an active part in the development of a transparent “miracle”.

Yasushi Murayama, head of Panasonic Appliances Europe, spoke in the German capital at IFA.

The main idea of ​​creating this gadget was to solve the problem of "dark" rooms.

When the TV is off, the room is just a “black box". But the transparent device Vitrine was presented to the public at the Salone del Mobile furniture exhibition in Italy.

After the show, the transparent device was finalized: the depth of black color was increased using selective dimming.

Developers want the device to look like a "window" when turned off.

But the frame made of wood helped hide all the electronic elements.

And thanks to this moment, you can install a TV, even in the center of the room.

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