In Antarctica, scientists have discovered mysterious dead organisms

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In Antarctica, a group of scientists managed to find mysterious dead organisms. Experts can not give an explanation of how unknown beings fell into the reservoir.

The study was conducted as part of the Subglacial Antarctic Lakes Scientific Access scientific expedition. During the work, scientists studied the Antarctic Lake and its inhabitants.

The researchers drilled a well, the length of which was just over 1000 meters and, through it, a special device was lowered to the bottom of the reservoir to find out the temperature conditions of the external environment.

When the device was lifted to the surface, remnants of dirt were scraped off its hull. The surface of the product was examined with a microscope. On the equipment, scientists discovered the remains of various arthropods and crustaceans. On the case of the device, the researchers found the shells of diatoms.

At present, scientists cannot provide accurate information about creatures. In the future, examinations will be conducted to find out details about the organisms found on the lake of the dead.

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