“It smelled like someone died in the house”: more than 300 cats saved the apartment

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The fact that a man probably lives with cats was told by his neighbors, who complained about the "strange" smell from his apartment.

About this informed CTV News. As it became known, the neighbors did not even imagine that so many cats live next to them. They thought that there could be no more than 10 animals in the apartment.

As a result, the Toronto Animal Protection Service was able to remove 70 cats, which were later transferred to a shelter.

Also, zoodefenders gave 38 cats to veterinarians, their condition needs to be checked.

At the same time, experts at the veterinary clinic noted that surprisingly most of the animals were healthy. The cats did not have "fleas or infections, which is rather strange."

The specialists also stressed that cats will be sterilized and vaccinated in the shelter.

It remains to find out why the man lived with hundreds of cats.

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