Leader of the "Legion Breakers" died trying to set a speed record of 996 km / h

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The famous American race car driver and TV presenter Jesse Combs died in an accident in the desert of Alvord (Oregon), trying to set a new speed record.

The 36-year-old racer, known as the “fastest woman on 4 wheels,” crashed on August 27 in a jet car at the bottom of a dry lake in Alvord.

According to American television channels, the racer lost control, the car turned over several times. Combs died on the spot.

She planned to accelerate to 996 kilometers per hour in order to break her own record of 777 km / h, set a year ago.

In 2013, she managed to accelerate to 632 km / h, thereby breaking the speed record for women, which lasted almost half a century, and after another three years – to 769 km / h.

Combs was also a well-known TV presenter, in particular, hosted The Legendaries.

Photo: Jesse Combs official website

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