A woman was hospitalized with kidney stones and lost limbs

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A resident of the UK, Mandy Parkin, turned to the hospital for help with appendicitis for help.

Of course, the woman did not suspect that she had a more terrible disease. The Daily Mail informs about the incident.

The woman turned to doctors complaining of suspicious pain, which, in her opinion, spoke about the development of appendicitis. However, doctors said she had kidney stones.

After some time, sepsis was diagnosed in a neglected state. In order to save the patient's life, it was decided to introduce her into an artificial coma.

Soon the woman woke up, her body was able to cope with the disease. However, the limbs began to blacken. Because of this, doctors had to amputate them. Now the woman is undergoing rehabilitation.

The woman hopes that she will soon be able to return to normal with prostheses.

Photo: Pixabay

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