Dorian hit the Bahamas and moves to the USA: people are urgently evacuated

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One of the most powerful hurricanes in US history, Dorian, has already hit the Bahamas. And caused tremendous damage.

Local media have reported roofs torn from buildings, damaged power lines, fallen trees, flooded streets, and a lot of mangled cars.

Residents massively left the coastal areas. According to eyewitnesses, the waves reached five meters.

Hurricane moves to Florida. Here, as in the states of Georgia, South and North Carolina, an emergency regime is introduced.

State authorities, caught in the path of a fierce disaster, announced the evacuation. It is estimated that a hurricane could affect over 800,000 local residents.

Mandatory evacuation is carried out in nine districts of Florida, in another 7 – voluntary. "Dorian", strengthened to the fifth (maximum) category, may fall on Florida tonight.

We saw what Hurricane Dorian is capable of, and the First Lady (Melania Trump) and I offer my prayers to the people of the Bahamas. As we continue to monitor this storm, all Florida residents must monitor local communications and heed the call for evacuation, said State Governor Ron De Santis.

His colleagues from two other states also decided to evacuate. It is about Georgia (6 counties) and South Carolina (all coast).

We add that the maximum speed of "Dorian" reaches 66.6 meters per second.

Photo: Reuters; video: Izvestia

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