"Implausible" or "convincing"? US intelligence called the cause of the explosion near Severodvinsk

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According to U.S. intelligence, the explosion in the Arkhangelsk region occurred due to an attempt to lift a missile with a nuclear charge from a sea day.

It was not a launch of a weapon, but it was a mission to save a missile lost during previous tests, the report said.

According to CNBC, the explosion rang out on one of the ships that participated in the launch of the rocket. As a result, this led to a reaction in the nuclear charge of the rocket, which created a radiation leak.

But initially it was planned to lift the rocket onto one of the pontoons in order to dismantle it and then place its nuclear power plant in special containers.

It is worth recalling that on August 8 it became known from the Russian Ministry of Defense that six people were injured in a military training ground during an explosion in the Arkhangelsk region, and two were killed.

However, later information appeared from Rosatom. It was alleged that five people died and three were injured.

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