Japan sold the most expensive watermelon in history

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The most expensive watermelon in the world went under the hammer for $ 7,200 at an auction in the Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido.

The berry, which is worth a fortune, belongs to the rare and elite variety “Densuke”, its main feature is the black skin with almost no stripes.

The auction for the most expensive watermelon took place on the market in Asahikawa.

These trades broke all previous records: a black watermelon, whose weight was about 11 kilograms, was sold for 750 thousand Japanese yen, or $ 7,200!

It is noted that in 2008 the watermelon was sold for $ 6,000.

The winner of the auction was the owner of the Keiichi Suzuki supermarket, who is satisfied with his participation in this event, since winning it is traditionally a good sign for the development and prosperity of the business.

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