On the moon found anomaly. What scientists say

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The researchers found a magnetic anomaly at the south pole of the moon, which is explained by the remains of a giant asteroid, which is still “conserved” in the mantle of the Earth satellite.

About this informed the site Live Science. As it became known, a huge mass of metal lies below the surface of the crater South Pole – Aitken.

Experts note that this crater is located on the far side of the moon and is considered the largest crater of the solar system.

It was formed as a result of the impact of one of the heavenly bodies. Presumably, the asteroid crashed into the area of ​​the moon about four billion years ago.

One of the researchers said that on the moon lies a pile of metal, which is five times larger than the Big Island in the Hawaiian Islands.

Giant metal blotches were discovered by researchers when comparing a topographic map of the moon with data collected during the implementation of one of the NASA programs.

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