The groom arranged a wedding at the funeral of the bride

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In Vietnam, the groom turned the funeral of the deceased bride into a kind of wedding, which was not destined to take place.

Dang Thien Ahn and his bride met while studying at the university. They were about to get married.

The wedding was supposed to take place at the end of September this year. In order to organize a celebration, the girl temporarily came to Vietnam.

AsiaOne informs about the incident. On August 25, An sat on social networks and saw a video broadcast of the accident. In the footage from the scene, he noticed the relatives of his lover.

He immediately contacted them and found out that his beloved was no longer alive. The guy bought a ticket and managed to fly to Vietnam for the funeral, which took place on the same day.

At the ceremony, he put on a wedding ring, and put the second in front of a photograph of his bride. At the funeral, he also performed the song that he wanted to sing at the wedding.

According to the groom’s mother, the day before the tragedy, the girl bought her the first gift, which turned out to be the last.

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