The guy left the girl at the gas station and doomed her to suffering

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A Reddit user said that because of her young man, she was forced to spend several hours at a gas station.

Lovers went on a trip by car. The guy converted the back seat and trunk of the car under the bed on which the girl was resting.

He refuel in the desert in Arizona, and she at that time went to the toilet. She did not see the car in place when she returned.

It is known that her mobile phone remained in the car. Therefore, she had to approach the people at the gas station and ask to give her a call.

Later, she realized that she did not remember her boyfriend's number. Soon she found his phone number through the social network Facebook, but he was not available.

After some time, the police arrived, who were called by gas station employees. Then they invited the girl to go to the station or to the nearest city. She chose the second option.

Along the way, a police officer called from a gas station and informed about a guy who is looking for his girlfriend.

According to him, he discovered that there was no lover when he wanted to show her a beautiful view from the window. Moreover, he heard calls that came to her phone, but did not pick it up on purpose, believing that it was indecent.

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