The man suddenly came to life at his own funeral.

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In India, a 20-year-old boy killed in a traffic accident suddenly came to life at his own funeral.

The incident occurred in the Indian city of Lucknow. A young man on June 21 had an accident, after which he was hospitalized. According to parents, their son was treated until the family ran out of money.

The parents gave 700 thousand rupees for the treatment of their son, but could not find more money. Then the doctors reported that their son died and gave them a body. Parents began to prepare for the funeral.

During the ceremony, the young man began to show signs of life. He was immediately taken out of the coffin and taken to another hospital. Doctors found a weak pulse in the guy and connected to a ventilator.

The man lived for another two months, after which he died.

Photo: Pixabay

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