The woman found a great way to quit smoking quickly. The fallen tree helped, but now she has a new phobia

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The woman discovered a new way to help quit smoking.

She was enjoying a cigarette when she heard a terrible crack of branches behind her. Soon she felt a sharp sharp pain.

Now the woman is convinced that it was a sign from above. 37-year-old Jenna Van Dyke never thought about quitting smoking. However, one event forced her to do this.

StoryTrender informs about the incident.

The woman decided to move away to smoke. She sat on a bench under a tree and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

As soon as the woman breathed in smoke, she heard a terrible crack that sounded behind her. However, she did not plan to run away, but she had to. The woman did not fully believe that a tree could fall on her.

However, everything happened as she did not plan. The injuries were serious. She was immediately taken to a medical facility. It turned out that the victim had broken ribs, collarbone and a punctured lung.

The woman underwent several operations. Now she does not smoke, and from the stress she has experienced, she is not even drawn to cigarettes.

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