Millionaire left a note in the toilet of the plane and went to jail for life

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In India, the diamond dealer Kishore Salla was sentenced to life imprisonment. The millionaire was bored on the plane and he left a note in the toilet that a bomb was laid on board.

The incident occurred back in 2017. All this time the investigation was conducted. Reportedly, the millionaire flew Mumbai-New Delhi flight in business class.

As the convict himself explained, he just got bored in flight, so he decided to joke. The millionaire went to the toilet, where he left a note in the box with napkins with the following content: “The hijackers are on board the aircraft. In the plane of the bomb.

The note was found by the pilots. The joke was not appreciated: when the plane landed, the police arrived at the airport. For a whole year, the police determined who wrote the note.

Millionaire figured out. He was charged with trying to seize a passenger plane.

Sulla's bourse was sentenced to life imprisonment, and he was also fined $ 1 million.

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