Monstrously mesmerizing. Lightning struck the volcano and fell into the frame.

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The other day a unique photograph was obtained by a man who was near the volcano Agua in Guatemala. He recorded lightning directly at the top of the mountain.

An unusual incident involving celestial forces was reported by The photo captures exactly the moment when a powerful electric charge hits the mountain.

The arrow of Zeus hit two communication antennas located on the very top of the mountain, about three kilometers and 761 meters above sea level.

The author of the picture is photographer Sergio Montafar. He not only managed to perpetuate a unique moment, but also shared a bewitching photo on the Web.

The picture was commented on by the American space agency. NASA experts have explained how lightning arises, sometimes arranging such fantastic lighting performances.

According to them, particles collide inside the clouds, and thus, electric charges are formed as a result of collisions of particles. According to the agency, almost 6,000 powerful lightning strikes every minute in the world.

Photo: Sergio Montafar

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