Mother "jokingly" listened to her son with a stethoscope and saved his life

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A woman accidentally discovered a fatal illness in her son when, jokingly, he listened to him with a stethoscope.

An interesting case occurred in the UK. A 13-year-old boy came to his mother doctor to work at the hospital.

As a joke, the child asked the mother to listen with his stethoscope. The woman agreed and conducted a comic examination, but noticed that the boy had a strong heartbeat.

Further examination revealed that the boy had a rare dangerous heart disease – aortic coarctation. It is characterized by critical vasoconstriction.

Normally, the width of the aorta is 2 centimeters, and in the boy it was only 4 millimeters.

The boy's mother noted that if she hadn't accidentally listened to him then he would have died within a year. In the future, the child will need complicated heart surgery. So far, doctors have installed a stent for him, which expanded the aorta.

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