Mother took a fatal illness in a child for an allergy

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A resident of Ireland confused the symptoms of a brain tumor in her daughter with a food allergy.

Sarah Smith noticed that her 5-year-old daughter stopped playing with her peers. She was also very sad. This is reported by Daily Mirror.

Since the girl vomited several times, the mother decided that the baby was allergic. She immediately took the child to a local hospital.

The doctor examined the patient and concluded that her behavior may be associated with hot weather. He also said to watch his daughter's behavior and nutrition. When the family was going on an excursion to the zoo, Lucy's condition worsened.

The girl rolled her eyes and urinated. The woman tried to change her clothes, but the baby's body went limp, which worried and frightened her. An excited woman immediately called her husband to call an ambulance.

Doctors were quick to reassure her mother, claiming that the girl might have a viral infection. At the hospital, Lucy had an MRI and revealed a terminal stage of a brain tumor in her.

It was decided to conduct an emergency operation in order to save the girl.

According to doctors, she has no more than nine months left to live. Parents of the baby refused treatment and took her home. They are trying to cure her folk remedies and planted on a vegetable diet.

According to the parents, the girl feels great.

By the way, many parents do not approve of such a decision, claiming that only traditional medicine can help cope with the disease.

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However, there were still those who supported their parents. After all, even doctors said that there was no chance, however, the Irish do not lose hope that everything will be fine.

The parents of the girl are trying to do everything possible to make her feel better. The family also opened a fundraiser to treat the child.

It is worth noting that many of the symptoms of dangerous diseases, especially in the early stages, can be confused with just a mild ailment, which passes over time. As a rule, people go to the doctor only when it is too late.

As for oncology, it is often diagnosed in the last stages.

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