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"MTBank" commented on access to someone else's office by fingerprint and suspended the work of the Internet and mobile bank

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MTBank's customers complain that when they sign in with a fingerprint, they end up in other people's accounts.

In this connection, the work of the Internet and the mobile bank of MTBank was suspended on July 9 to analyze the functioning of the systems and conduct additional technical work.

According to the press service of the financial department, currently there is a check of received single messages that have appeared on the Web.

Users in the posts indicate the possibility of accidentally getting into someone else's personal account using the fingerprint input.

The bank during the verification of information received report that they are in complete control of the situation.

As the press service of the bank notes, “there have been no cases of attempts to use funds from someone else’s account.”

Disabling services is a preventive measure. Specialists of the bank during the audit will make its conclusion and make adjustments that will be aimed at enhancing security.

After that, as noted in the department, the work of the Internet and the mobile bank will be resumed.

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