Named the number of deaths due to heat waves in France

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For many countries in Europe this summer turned out to be extremely hot: so much so that it claimed the lives of millions of people.

It is noted that France over the summer due to an abnormal heat lost more than one and a half thousand people.

Agnes Buzin, Minister of Social Affairs and Health of the Republic, made a statement on one of the airwaves: half of those who died suddenly were people over 75 years old.

However, this mortality rate is almost 10 times lower than during the heat of 2003, when more than 15 thousand citizens died in France.

Also, the head of the French Ministry of Health emphasized that the abnormal heat in the country lasted about 18 days and affected about 20 million people.

By the way, on June 28 in the south of the country, a temperature record was recorded for Europe – 48 degrees.

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