One question of a grandson made a man lose weight by 150 kilograms

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UK resident Jason Parrish dropped more than 150 kilograms when his grandson asked if he would come to his wedding.

This question took the man by surprise, because he was embarrassed to show himself in public and very rarely left the house.

Jason was born with a weight of 5 kilograms, and all his life was overweight. At 30 he weighed 190 kg, and at 45 his weight reached a critical point of 250 kg.

The man did not begin to lose weight even when the doctors could not remove his appendicitis because of the enormous excess weight.

The Briton realized that he should take care of his health when a seven-year-old grandson asked him if he would come to his wedding. This question made the British think about their health.

For 1 year and 3 months, the Briton dropped 150 kg. The man admitted that he now enjoys attending social events.

Photo: The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

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