Parents began to massively beat toys in front of children

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Parents began to share in social networks a special way of raising children.

So, in order to convince the child to eat, they demonstrate violence over a soft toy. It is worth noting that the beating of toys has become a kind of flashmob.

This phenomenon has become widespread.

Users of social networks actively publish videos on which you can see this strange method of educating heirs. It is assumed that in this way parents try to create fear and a desire to submit.

One of the first to decide its effectiveness was to check Vet Fikes. She posted a video on her Facebook demonstrating these actions.

At first, the child refuses to eat the food prepared for him. After that, the woman offers the same food to his toy and depicts her refusal. Soon she shows how to beat her. After that, the child agrees to eat.

In the background, there was the laughter of adults who claim that this method worked.

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