Cheat mil during weight loss

chit mil v period pohudeniya
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Do you want harmful? Then have yourself a Cheat meal!

    Agree, during the period of a strict diet and in the process of losing weight, you always want to eat something harmful. But how can you do this so that your conscience does not torment you later? Have yourself a Cheat meal! Cheat mil during weight loss is a pre-planned violation of a strict diet. Let’s take a closer look at why a cheat is needed at all and how it will help you lose weight.

    “Cheat meal” is translated from English as “food fraud”. Cheat Meal is considered one of the methods of psychological relief during the period of weight loss. Therefore, you can periodically allow yourself to eat something favorite, but harmful and high-calorie. This method will help you avoid breakdowns and overeating, knowing that on a certain day it is allowed to eat “forbidden”.

    Why cheat mil is needed during weight loss

    As mentioned above, cheat mil is needed to avoid breakdowns and overeating. After all, bans most often provoke the desire to eat harmful.

    Cheat mil during weight loss - Cheat mil during weight loss

    During cheat mila, you can eat whatever your heart desires!

    In addition to psychological relief, cheat meat helps to speed up the metabolism. Diets that are low in calories and low in carbohydrates can slow it down. Also, when losing weight, performance often decreases and there is a breakdown. Loading carbohydrates during cheat mil increases your energy reserves, which is the best for your overall well-being and mood.

    Cheat meal is also recommended for those who notice the onset of the plateau effect. This is the period when weight loss stops after active weight loss. It is during the plateau that the loading should be done. Cheat Meal will shake up the body and show that there is no need to stock up.

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    Cheat Mila rules

    1. The first cheat should be done no earlier than a month after switching to the PP.
    2. Cheat meal shouldn’t become a non-stop eating pest throughout the day. This is just one meal. For example, on the day when cheat mil is scheduled, you can dine with any harmfulness that is usually prohibited.
    3. You need to cheat mil during the period of weight loss 1 time in 2-3 weeks if you have a large percentage of subcutaneous fat and once a week if the percentage of subcutaneous fat is low.
    4. While cheating, you shouldn’t be distracted from the process of eating on your phone or TV. You must have fun and be focused.
    5. Try to have the forbidden meal with breakfast or lunch.
    6. The day after a cheat meal, you do not need to do fasting days. Continue with a healthy and balanced diet.
    7. 1599378790 957 Cheat mil during weight loss - Cheat mil during weight loss

      It is recommended to do cheat mil during the period of weight loss after high-intensity workouts.

    8. Get a cheat mil after a high-intensity workout, so the calories will definitely go to recovery and not to fat.

    How often have you been frustrated by tough bans Thanks to cheat mil, your weight loss process will be stress-free! You will know for sure on what day you can disrupt a perfectly planned menu a little.

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