Habits that make you gain weight

privychki iz za kotoryh vy nabiraete ves
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Struggling to lose weight but still gaining weight? Perhaps the problem is your habits.

    Reduced the calorie content of your diet, exercise regularly, do body wraps, but there is no result? Perhaps the problem is the habits that are causing you to gain weight. To stop this, you need to pay attention to your actions, which are performed daily.

    1. Lack of sleep. Sleep 5-6 hours a day? Then it’s no surprise that you put on weight. Lack of sleep often leads to weight gain. When the body is not getting the 8 hours it deserves, the stress hormone cortisol begins to be produced. It is he who pushes us to eat something harmful and high in carbohydrates. To prevent this, try to rebuild your regime and go to bed a little earlier.

    2. Eat fast. A habit that the modern rhythm of life leads to. Constant running around and not having enough time for a full breakfast or lunch causes weight gain. The stomach takes 20 minutes to signal to the brain that it is full. That is why you need to chew your food thoroughly. For the sake of health and a good figure, it is worth sacrificing something and finding time for a quiet meal.

    3. You eat from large plates. On a large plate, the standard portion of the dish looks smaller, so you can add much more food than you need. Change your plate to a smaller size so you will eat much less. Over time, the size of the cookware can be reduced even further.

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    Change your plate to a smaller size so you will eat much less.

    4. Use of the elevator. This is a common habit that makes you gain weight. This is why we advise you to replace the elevator ride with stair walking. So in one minute you can burn 10 kcal. It seems that this is very small and will not give any result. However, after a couple of weeks you will notice the result! Also, the ladder is an excellent substitute for a gym and develops endurance.

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    5. Lack of healthy snacks. Often it is hunger that causes excess weight gain. At this moment, hands are drawn to chocolate, burgers, chips and other harmfulness. That is why you should always have the right snack with you. For example, a banana, nuts, or a protein bar with a good composition will easily fit into even the smallest handbag.

    6. Is in front of the TV. A habit that will be difficult to give up. This can include browsing social networks and reading books. All this often becomes the main reason for gaining excess weight. When watching news or TV shows, our brain is distracted and we have no control over the amount we eat. Also, when watching TV, we stop paying attention to the taste of food, and the onset of a feeling of satiety comes much more. Therefore, you should give up gadgets, reading books and watching TV series during a meal.

    If, while watching the show in the evening, you can’t give up the habit of chewing on something, then let it be not chips and popcorn, but sliced ​​fresh vegetables. Choose bell pepper, celery or cucumber, they can crunch healthy and tasty!

    7. High-calorie drinks. Many people do not pay attention to liquid calories, but this is a big mistake, because of which you gain weight. A couple of cups of coffee with added milk is plus 150-200 kcal per day and about 1400 kcal per week! And if you add here a glass of orange juice, which many people like to drink during breakfast, then this is still about 120 kcal per day. With the onset of hot summer days, many are not averse to quenching their thirst with cold sodas and commercial teas. One jar contains almost daily sugar. Therefore, this habit should be closely monitored. Try replacing soda with pure water with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint, it has no calories and no sugar.

    1599411840 210 Habits that make you gain weight - Habits that make you gain weight

    Lemon mint water is a great substitute for sodas.

    Yes, it will be difficult to drastically change your habits that you may not even have noticed. Therefore, try to follow your actions and gradually change them. As a result, you will get the result in the form of a good figure and no extra pounds!

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