How to get rid of sugar cravings

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Sweet is the killer of your figure and health! You need to get rid of cravings for him.

    If you are reading this article, you are probably wondering: “How to get rid of cravings for sweets?” This is a pressing issue that many are pondering, since the constant desire to eat something sweet is a problem of our time.

    It is difficult to find foods that are sugar-free. You might be surprised, but it is even present in sausages, ketchup and various sauces. Baked goods, cookies, candy, sodas – all of which cause sugar addiction, which is difficult to get rid of. Regular consumption of sweets leads to a variety of health problems. For example, heart disease, weight gain, cellulite, type 2 diabetes, etc.

    Often the reason for cravings for sweets is seizing problems and stress, boredom and just the habit of chewing something.

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    Often we eat up stress and problems with sweetness.

    How to get rid of sugar cravings

    The first thing to do is set yourself up on limited consumption of sweets. Think and realize why you are doing this. To lose weight and improve your figure, or maybe to improve the health and condition of your skin? The fact that you have decided to act and get rid of your cravings for sweets is already a step forward!

    Important gradually reduce your intake of sweets… With a sharp refusal, a breakdown may occur and you will begin to eat everything that you had to give up.

    Make sure you are consuming enough protein, fat and carbohydrates? Especially important pay attention to complex carbohydratesthat give us strength and energy. Due to the lack of slow carbohydrates in the diet, there is a craving for sweets.

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    Boredom and idleness often accompanied by eating sweets and other harmful sweets. As soon as your hand reaches for a portion of sugar, try to understand why you decided to eat it?

    Often thirst is perceived as hunger… In the absence of the opportunity to fully eat, we lean on sweets or pastries. If you think you are hungry, try drinking a glass of clean water. This will help you get rid of sugar cravings.

    Get some sleep! Research has shown that not getting enough sleep can almost double your sugar cravings. Lack of sleep reduces your ability to fight the temptations of sweets.

    Many do not even notice how much sweet they eat in a day. We eat the main part with coffee or tea, to which we also unknowingly add 2-3 tablespoons of sugar. Observe, or better writehow much sweets you eat with one cup you drink. But most often there are many such tea parties during the day. First at home in the morning, then at work a couple of times, and also in the evening before bed. Replace sweets with a low fat slice of cheese, a little dried fruit, or sugar free PP baked goods.

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    Write down everything you eat during the day!

    What else can help you get rid of sugar cravings?

    Fool your brain! To make it easier to get rid of sugar cravings, cut what you plan to eat into small pieces. Even if it’s a small piece of candy, divide it into 2-4 pieces and enjoy each bite. This will give you the feeling that you have not eaten just one thing.

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    Desirable when eating sweets do not drink them with water or tea… Otherwise, you will not feel the full taste of the product and will continue to eat.

    If your cravings for sweets are associated with a psychological moment, try to find out the reason and solve the problem that leads to this.

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