How to increase your daily activity

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A sedentary lifestyle interferes with weight loss! We’ll show you how to increase your daily activity.

    We became hostages of office work and a sedentary lifestyle, so our activity dropped dramatically. Some simply do not like or do not want to play sports, while others simply do not have enough time for this. As a result, extra pounds are found. However, with some tricks it is easy to increase your daily activity.

    For those who do not play sports and lead a sedentary lifestyle, a little physical activity will be beneficial. Even short evening walks can reduce the likelihood of stroke, heart attack, and diabetes.

    How to increase your daily activity

    1. Find something you like! Many people do not want to work out in the gym or run on the treadmill because they are bored or just don’t like it. Try to find something that you will enjoy doing. For example, swimming, yoga, tennis, dancing, or cycling or ice skating. By trial, you can choose an activity for yourself that will help increase your daily activity.

    2. Get off one stop early. Do you use public transport? Then you should get off one stop early and walk. After 1-2 weeks, you can start going 2 stops earlier if the last distance seemed too short for you.

    3. Leave the car at the end of the parking row. If you regularly travel by car, then you already have low activity, which should be increased. Therefore, when traveling to the supermarket or at work, leave the car a little further from the entrance.

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    4. Replace the elevator ride with stairs. As corny as it sounds, we use the elevator every day. At least when we go to work and return home. To start getting used to the new rhythm, try at least walking down the first week.

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    Walking stairs can help increase daytime activity

    By the way, the ladder is a great cardio trainer, and it’s free! No time to go to the gym, and the weather for running outside is rainy? Running up and down the stairs for 20-30 minutes is enough to make up for the lack of activity all day.

    5. Squats during TV commercials. Most often, evening TV shows are held lying on the couch, and sometimes they are also accompanied by eating something harmful. During commercials, stand up and stretch. You can do 15-20 squats or swing your abs, or you can stretch, which also increases your daily activity. All this is much better than lying motionless for hours on the couch. And if this is not enough for you, you can fully train while watching a movie. Time will pass quickly!

    6. Take a walk during your lunch break at work. Most often, 1 hour is allocated for lunch. This time is not enough to fully go to workout at the gym, but it is quite enough to have time to have lunch and go for a walk. The meal itself usually takes 15-20 minutes, while the rest of the time is spent talking with colleagues. A 20-30 minute walk in a nearby park is a good addition to daily activities, especially for office workers.

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    7. Weights for the legs. This option is suitable for those who want to further increase their calorie expenditure on daily walks. The extra weight allows you to burn more calories than walking.

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    Weights for the legs will give additional stress!

    8. Use pedometers for more motivation. Now every smartphone can download a free step counting app. 10,000 steps is the minimum activity for every adult. Challenge yourself and try to keep the number of steps taken to this minimum every day. After a while, it will be possible to increase the number of steps to 12,000-15,000.

    Increasing your daily activity is easy and requires no material costs. It is not necessary to immediately apply all of the above actions in one day. Try to implement one habit per week.

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