How to lose weight after childbirth

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You are concerned about the question “How to lose weight after childbirth?” Then check out this article!

    The topic of weight loss in girls is always a headache. And the question “How to lose weight after childbirth?” worries about every new mom. Indeed, during pregnancy, a woman gains an average of 12-15 kilograms, and sometimes much more. Also, many women continue to gain weight after giving birth. This happens in the first year of a child’s life, because all attention is paid to him.

    However, strict diets and a sharp reduction in calorie intake are highly discouraged. Restoring and maintaining lactation is important in postpartum weight loss. That is why the process of losing weight should be based on this factor.

    How to lose weight after childbirth

    One of the common mistakes young mothers make is to eat for two so that there is more milk. However, milk production is not related to nutrition. The hormone prolactin is responsible for this. Therefore, you should not eat twice your norm.

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    Nutrition after childbirth should be balanced!

    But it should be remembered that breastfeeding is a rather energy-intensive process, so about 400-500 kcal should be added to your calorie intake. However, after completing breastfeeding, be sure to reduce the calorie intake. Otherwise, the weight will start returning again.

    So how to lose weight after giving birth?

    First of all, losing weight is proper nutrition! After giving birth, you need to go to fractional meals… This food is based on frequent 6 meals a day, but in small portions. One meal should weigh about 200-250 grams. Try not to overeat, otherwise the excess will be deposited in fat.

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    Drink plenty of fluids between meals. It is important to give up sweets, semi-finished products, flour and fried foods. Your diet should include cereals, light soups, lean meats, and vegetables and fruits. Also when losing weight after childbirth don’t ignore breakfast… This is one of the main meals.

    After giving birth, you can not go in for sports and perform heavy physical activity for some time. However, this does not change an active lifestyle. Include in your daily routine walking with a stroller… This will help tighten the stomach and hips, which are the most problematic areas of the body.

    How to lose weight after childbirth - How to lose weight after childbirth

    Be active on strollers

    Exclude from the diet fried food… Your menu should mainly consist of stews, boiled and baked dishes. Fatty foods take much longer to digest, and can also cause colic in your baby.

    Light, low-fat soups should be on your menu every day. They improve digestion and help the absorption of food. Let it be vegetable broths or lean meat soups. This will help reduce calories.

    It is also important for losing weight after childbirth quality sleep and rest… During this time, the body recovers and gains energy for the coming day. It has been proven that with a lack of sleep, we consume more calories and fast carbs throughout the day.

    Therefore, an integrated approach will help you lose weight after childbirth. Correct balanced diet, physical activity and healthy sleep!

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