Slimming fats

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Fats are very good for your figure! The main thing is to know what …

Slimming fats - Slimming fats

    The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to proper nutrition and weight loss is avoiding fat.
    Unfortunately, this is a common misconception.

    Slimming fats, like proteins with carbohydrates, are an important part of our diet.
    After all, they are different: unsaturated and saturated.
    The former are vital for us, because without omega-3 and omega-6 fatty
    acids, such fat-soluble vitamins as A, K, D are not absorbed.

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    Unsaturated fat for weight loss

    Types of fat for weight loss

    Saturated fat

    These are fats that slow down metabolic processes, interfere with losing weight, are deposited in the body and on the walls of blood vessels, and worsen our health and shape.
    These include:

    • fatty meats
    • chocolate
    • confectionery
    • fast food
    • margarine

    Try to minimize your intake of these foods if you want to lose weight.

    Unsaturated fats

    They are much healthier for the body than saturated ones. When losing weight, you need to consume 1 gram per 1 kilogram of weight.

    With a well-formulated diet, fats are good for the endocrine system. You will notice how your nails and hair get stronger, your metabolism improves, which will help you lose weight. The right fats are a great source of energy and will keep you full for a long time.

    List of foods containing healthy fats:

    • a fish
    • nuts
    • vegetable oils
    • avocado

    A fish

    Fish and seafood are the main sources of unsaturated fatty acids for weight loss. They activate the work of the brain, cardiovascular and nervous systems, strengthen the immune system. They contain a large amount of easily digestible protein. Give away
    preference for trout, salmon, mackerel.

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    Many, in the fight for a slim figure, blacklist nuts. Yes, this is a fairly high-calorie product, but its benefits are incomparable with anything. According to recent studies, when eating a small handful of nuts, people are less likely to be obese, become
    hardier, have good digestion and are actively losing weight.

    The fat content of nuts (per 100 grams) is shown in the table.

    Fat content of nuts
    Nut nameFat per 100g.
    Sunflower seeds52.9

    Nuts are a great snack option throughout the day. They can be added to natural yogurt, salads or porridge.

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    Nuts – healthy fats for weight loss

    Vegetable oils

    In Mediterranean countries, this product is a staple in the diet. Choose olive, corn, sesame, and flaxseed oils. Systematic consumption of olive oil lowers blood cholesterol levels, the risk of many diseases,
    including oncology. Prefer unrefined oils in a dark glass bottle.


    This amazing fruit has many beneficial qualities. Reduces blood pressure, normalizes heart function and metabolic processes, improves memory. Avocado contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B2, copper, iron. Supports the condition of hair, skin
    and nails. Diversify your menu with avocado salads.

    Conclusion on fat for weight loss

    Choosing the right fats will only be beneficial.
    You should not be afraid of them and exclude them from the diet, they will become excellent helpers in losing weight.
    Armed with these tips, you will always be healthy!

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