Slimming system minus 60. Mirimanova’s diet

sistema pohudeniya minus 60 dieta mirimanovoj
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Lose weight by eating cakes and other harmful things? The minus 60 system means it’s possible!

    Any diet is a restriction that is given to us quite hard. However, the weight loss system of Ekaterina Mirimanova, thanks to which she lost 60 kilograms, tells us that it is possible to reduce weight without strict restrictions.

    The minus 60 weight loss system is the absence of prohibitions on any products, but everyone needs to use them in due time. In this food system, you do not need to count calories, give up certain foods and starve. It is important to adhere to the rules that were compiled by the author of losing weight minus 60.

    Basic rules of a weight loss system minus 60 Minimanova

    Need to tune in correctly on the process of losing weight. Realize that you are doing this for yourself, and not for the sake of some event. No need to put it in a back box and start on Monday or the first of the month. No, you need to start now!

    Everything is possible, but until 12:00. This item will delight those who cannot live without sweets, pastries and other harmful substances. We can say that it is main rule weight loss system minus 60. The author of this weight loss technique says that you can eat EVERYTHING in your first meal! And flour, and fried, and even cake. The main condition is, no later than 12 noon, so that the calories eaten have time to be consumed during the day. In no case can you skip breakfast.

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    Until 12:00, it is allowed to eat EVERYTHING!

    Change your eating habits gradually. New wholesome food should slowly but surely enter your life. Harsh and severe restrictions are stressful for the body, which leads to a quick breakdown. First you need to replace a large plate with a smaller one, and then even smaller. Also with food. Replace milk chocolate with bitter chocolate with a high cocoa content, and white bread with whole grain. Over time, you will learn to find the right diet foods and replace harmful ones with them.

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    Also, the author of the minus 60 system says that you need to eat slowly and stop throwing food into your mouth indiscriminately.

    Don’t eat after 18:00. Yes, there are strict restrictions on dinner. You can have dinner no earlier than 17:00 and no later than 18:00. However, if you go to bed after midnight, then dinner is allowed to be rescheduled for 8 pm, but not later!

    Potatoes and pasta are allowed, however, they are best combined with vegetables. But it is forbidden to use them with poultry, fish, seafood and meat. They are also not allowed for dinner.

    Mayonnaise, ketchup, vegetable and butter can be consumed, but strictly until 14:00.

    Remember to exercise. You don’t have to pull iron and run 10 kilometers. Choose the activity that you like. Light morning exercises, swimming, tennis, walking. The main thing is not quantity, but quality and regularity.

    Remember, for the rest of the day, you must stick to the basics of good nutrition!

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    Throughout the day, you need to adhere to the basics of proper nutrition.

    Don’t expect instant results. The weight loss system of Ekaterina Mirimanova does not imply rapid weight loss. This means that gradual weight loss will help in the future to consistently maintain the weight that you wanted to achieve.

    Adhering to the rules that the minus 60 weight loss system offers, you can lose extra pounds without strict restrictions and stress for the body.

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