The harm of sugar to health

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Find out why sugar is called a sweet killer

The harm of sugar to health - The harm of sugar to health

    Do you think sugar is only bad for your figure? Not!
    You may be underestimating harm of sugar to health
    Building the body of your dreams is not the main reason for giving up sugar. There are more important reasons to quit sweets.

    Most often, we do not use sugar in its pure form, but as an additive to various food products.
    That is why it is difficult to estimate how much “white death” enters the body from day to day.

    Sugar is quickly absorbed by the body, so it instantly gives us energy.
    But if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, then the body will not be able to use up such an amount of energy. All excess will be deposited in the sides.

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    The harm of sugar to health

    Sugar harm to the body.

    • One of the health harms of sugar is the increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. It also leads to obesity, increases blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
    • Sugar contributes to the formation of tooth decay. It increases the acidity in the mouth, and the acid eats away at the tooth enamel.
    • Weight gain, facial swelling, uncontrolled hunger, bad mood are signs of metabolic disorders. This is caused by a large intake of sugar.
    • Sugar is harmful to the skin, and excessive consumption of it leads to premature aging of body tissues and acne.
    • Sugar consumption is a huge health hazard. We recommend replacing it with such natural sweeteners as fruits, berries, honey, dried fruits, stevia. These foods will not only replace harmful sugar, but also replenish the body with vitamins, minerals and fiber.
    • Quench your thirst not with sugary sodas, but with lemon and mint water.
    • Try replacing curd masses with a high content of unhealthy sugar for natural curd with berries and fruits.
    • Use dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins, dates) instead of sweets
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      Sugar replacement for weight loss

    The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends limiting sugar intake to 30 grams per day. On average, the average Russian eats about 100 grams of sugar per day, which is more than 3 times the norm!

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    We found out that sugar is unhealthy, so we need to learn how to limit its consumption and replace it with a decent alternative.

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