What is intuitive eating

What is intuitive eating
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Find out the basics of intuitive eating here!

    In recent years, many have switched from grueling diets and hunger strikes to intuitive eating. What is intuitive eating? This is the exact opposite of a highly restricted diet. As we know, diets, as well as constant eating habits, often lead to poor health and breakdowns, which lead to even more weight gain.

    What is intuitive eating

    Intuitive nutrition teaches you to listen to your body and its desires. This technique is suitable for those who do not want to constantly count calories and introduce any prohibitions in their lives. With this approach, you can lose those extra pounds without harming your body.

    The essence of intuitive eating in giving the body exactly what it requires at the moment and what will bring him satisfaction. However, this does not mean that now you can eat everything and in unlimited quantities. So you not only will not lose weight, but you will gain even more weight.

    It is important to learn to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger. More often it is the inability to listen to your body that leads to overeating.

    To learn to distinguish between physical hunger and emotional hunger, you must first figure out the meaning of each of them.

    Physical hunger is when the body needs nutrients. Physical hunger is accompanied by rumbling in the stomach, irritability and even dizziness. In this state, even the food that you do not like will seem to you the most delicious, because the main thing will be to satisfy the feeling of hunger. At such a moment, the main thing is to stop at a time when you will be full and not overeat.

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    Eating Emotional Hunger Leads to Weight Gain

    Emotional hunger often arises from stress, boredom, and idleness. This kind of hunger is exclusively in our head and has nothing to do with physical hunger. During emotional hunger, overeating and indiscriminate eating of everything in a row occurs. More often than not, the body at such a moment requires fast carbohydrates and saturated fats. For example, scones, chocolate or fast food. Eating on emotional hunger and leads to weight gain.

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    Intuitive Eating Principles

    1. As we said earlier, during intuitive eating it is necessary to hear the desires of the body.
    2. You can eat everything, but exactly what you really want and only in case of physical hunger.
    3. You need to eat until you feel full and in no case overeat. You don’t have to eat everything on the plate.
    4. There is no need to count calories, since you are eating exactly what your body needs.
    5. There should be no restrictions in your diet. Forget dieting.
    6. Give up motivating and rewarding yourself with food.
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      Give up your phone and TV while eating!

    8. Every meal should be mindful and calm. Eating on the run and in a hurry is not your option.
    9. Concentrate on food while eating. You should not be distracted by social networks, TV and so on.

    Remember that intuitive eating is a way of life that helps you lose weight without any restrictions or restrictions!

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