Prophecy of the famous old man about the Third World War: only one country will survive

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Before passing away, Elder Ion predicted a military conflict in the Donbass.

At present, analysts, mediums, clairvoyants and political scientists speak of the threat of World War III.

The media published information that not so long ago, experts remembered the prediction of the famous old man Jonah.

At one time, the father was known for his prophecies. The seer predicted not only the war in the Donbass. He pointed out that a major conflict would break out in the world, which would cause the outbreak of war.

The elder broadcast that the consequences of a large-scale war would be unprecedented. The new military world conflict will become one of the most bloody and terrible in the history of mankind.

After the war, the world will never be the same. The destruction will be colossal. Only one state surviving in the northern hemisphere of the Earth will survive.

The forecaster emphasized that the threat of war could hang over the planet as early as the 30s of the current century.

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