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Satellites Ilona Mask started flying over Belarus

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These days, Ilona Musk’s satellites began to fly over Slutsk, they pass at an altitude of more than 500 kilometers.

You can track the flights of satellites not only in the sky, but also on the online site n2yo.com, where you can see where and when the satellites will be.

According to kurjer.info, tonight, May 29, the satellite can be seen above Slutsk, and on June 1 it will fly over Soligorsk.

Recall, on Friday, May 24, SpaceX launched the first 60 satellites into space as part of a global Internet project.

Satellites will fly over the Earth at an altitude of 550 kilometers. It is planned that by the mid-2020s, the company will launch into space more than 12 thousand such satellites.

The company plans to provide high-speed Internet using solar energy to the whole world.

Photo: from open sources

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